• CODI was founded to support the advancement of Open Data access and use in Canada

CODI What We’re All About

CODI was founded to support the advancement of Open Data education and use in Canada. We believe that this is part of public decision-making becoming more evidence-based and data-driven. No matter whether the topic is transit, cultural mapping, police services, energy, urban planning, LGBT violence, strategic planning, education or community housing there is room to bring so many people into this discussion by making Open Data more simply known as information.

There is great capacity and knowledge in the Open Data and Open Gov space in Canada. Thats why this is such an exciting opportunity, there is a strong base. In public process, ideas around Open Data and how to use it will spread from community group to community group, if successful. To us, its about being part of that chain. Having a national scope is important because our particular interest bringing people who dont know this world to the table is a big job and one that should be coordinated in as many new ways as possible with all of the existing community members.